The Financial Supervision Commission launched the initiative “The Superpower of the Young Investor”

Nearly 200 students participated in the initiative of the Financial Supervisory Commission “The Super Power of the Young Investor”, dedicated to risk prevention in the use of investment products in the financial markets. With the initiative, the Financial Supervision Commission aims to establish both good partnership relations with schools and to contribute to increasing the financial literacy of high school students, some of whom have a targeted interest in the field of capital markets and future investors.

The first to participate in the pilot events were the teenagers from the 11th and 12th grades of the National Financial and Business School, the National Commercial and Banking School and the National Natural Science and Mathematics School.

Students were introduced to basic concepts from the world of investments, new technologies and integrated financial solutions. How the Bulgarian stock exchange functions, what is hidden behind the abbreviations DLT and NTF, what are Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, quantum computers, what are the risks and how to react when they are established, are only some of the topics that were discussed with interest together with the teachers and their high school students.

“The Financial Supervision Commission is an institution directly involved in the process of increasing the financial literacy of society, especially young people. In our role as a regulator who creates conditions for security and stability in financial markets, this remains one of our strategic priorities, along with protecting consumers and strengthening public confidence in the capital market. By gradually starting to prepare teenagers for their encounter with the digital financial reality and innovation in the field of investments, we create the basis for this trust”, shared Boyko Atanasov – Chair of the Financial Supervision Commission.

The “Superpower of the young investor” will continue to happen, covering all schools that have expressed their interest in joining the initiative.