Share issue of Sopharma has been registered

The Commission registered with its register of public companies and other issuers the following issue of securities :
Public company : Sofarma AD, Sofia
Type of securities: ordinary, dematerialized, fully transferable shares
Size of the issue: 60 000 000 shares
Nominal value: BGN 1 per share

Recovery program of investment intermediary Argo Invest A approved

The Commission approved a recovery program of investment intermediary Argo Invest. The program is design to help the investment intermediary to adjust its capital adequacy and liquidity according to the requirements of Ordinance N6 for the  capital adequacy and liquidity of the investment intermediaries.

Amendments to the FSC Ordinance N3 adopted

The Commission adopted amendments to the Ordinance N3 for the methods for change of participation and transfer of the accumulated sums of an insured person from one supplementary social insurance fund to a relevant fund managed by other social insurance company.