The FSC organizes an online meeting on the occasion new legislation on prudential supervision of investment firms becoming effective

Today, 28 July 2021, the Financial Supervision Commission organized an online meeting with representatives of all investment firms on the occasion of new regulations on prudential supervision of investment firms becoming effective, and in order to facilitate the bringing of investment firms in line with the applicable requirements. The topic of the meeting drew great interest and was attended by over 100 business representatives.

During the meeting, the FSC experts presented the general legislative framework for the prudential supervision of investment firms and provided an opportunity for discussion on specific issues for its practical implementation.

It was clarified at the meeting that the new legislation is largely in line with the typical business model of investment firms and focused on changing the approach to implementing capital adequacy and liquidity requirements at the consolidated level compared to current legislation.

The following topics were discussed at the online meeting:

the categories of investment firms under the new prudential regime;

own capital;

capital requirements;

liquidity requirements;

disclosures by investment firms;

reporting to the competent authorities and the European Banking Authority, including new business and technical formats;

remuneration requirements.

The meeting was held in the understanding that the new legislative framework will have a serious practical effect on the activities of investment firms, respectively good knowledge of it will enable its proper implementation and will contribute to maintaining the financial stability of the sector, a higher level of protection for investors, as well as to increasing the efficiency of the securities market as a whole.