The Financial Supervision Commission warns investors for activity without a license or registration by ARCH Capital OOD

The FSC draws the attention of investors to the fact that Arch Capital OOD is not entered in the public register of the FSC as a national investment fund, nor as an alternative investment fund manager and the alternative investment funds managed by them. ARCH Capital OOD is not entitled to offer potential clients investments in real estate, virtual assets, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, start-ups and other types of alternative investments.

According to data available in the FSC, Arch Capital LTD operates at its address -. Sofia, 23 Tvardishki Prohod Str., Apt. office 24 and at Sofia, 109 Bulgaria Blvd., Vertigo Business Tower.

The FSC draws the attention of investors to be especially vigilant when transferring funds in connection with the offered financial service.

Before transferring money, each investor must check whether the person proposing a transaction has a license from the FSC or the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB). Information on the activities subject to licensing is available on the websites of both regulators; it can also be obtained by written inquiry or telephone call.

In the event that the provision of the relevant service requires a license or permit, each investor must ensure that the company with which he is negotiating actually has one. Such information is contained on the websites of the FSC and the BNB.

As an additional guarantee for the security of investments, the FSC recommends each investor to request information from the bank who is the holder of the respective bank account provided for transfer. Very often, persons who engage in illegal financial activities or investment fraud provide their potential investors with a bank account for transfer to a person whose name is similar to that of a licensed entity.

Therefore, after receiving information from the bank about the exact name of the account holder, the potential investor should check whether it completely matches the name of the licensed entity.

The Financial Supervision Commission created the campaign #invest safely ( to enable consumers to identify legitimate investment schemes, but also to learn the signs by which to identify irregularities.