The Financial Supervision Commission reports the lack of connection between Vranchev Finance and investment firm VARCHEV FINANCE EOOD

Regarding a received signal and in order to inform investors in financial instruments and all other participants in the capital markets, the Financial Supervision Commission informs the public that investment firm VARCHEV FINANCE EOOD, the related legal entities and the website used by the investment firm, on the one hand, and the persons providing loans under the name “Vranchev Finance” and using the website, on the other hand, have no connection whatsoever.

 Vranchev Finance does not have a license from the FSC to provide investment services and perform investment activities within the meaning of Art. 6, para. 2 and 3 of the Markets in Financial Instruments Act, nor did the FSC receive notifications for Vranchev Finance or the website from another national competent authority of a Member State for the provision of services in the Republic of Bulgaria under the freedom to provide services within the European Union or by establishing a branch. Therefore, according to Art. 7, para. 1 of the MFIA, Vranchev Finance has no right to provide investment services and / or perform investment activities within the meaning of Art. 6, para. 2 and 3 of the MFIA on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union, including to accept funds in its bank accounts on the occasion and / or for the purpose of any investment activity.

 Licensed companies can be verified on the FSC webpage – and / or on the webpages of the competent authorities of the European Union, as well as on the website of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) –