The Data on the Insurance Market for the Third Quarter of Year 2005 Have Been Summarised

The reports for the third quarter of year 2005 submitted by the insurance companies have been summarised by the Insurance Supervision Division at the Financial Supervision Commission. The premium income on general insurance amounted to BGN 647,940 thousand, which is a growth of 32.91 % in comparison to the third quarter of year 2004, and the indemnities paid amounted to BGN 224,183 thousand.
In the sphere of life insurance, the premium income was BGN 93,425 thousand – a growth of 51.44 % in comparison to the same period of the last year, and amounts and indemnities were paid amounting to BGN 24,740 thousand.
The Insurance Market’s statistics for the third quarter of year 2005  has been published on the FSC’s website –, Statistics Section.