The Chairman of the FSC, Mr. Boyko Atanasov, opened a round table on “The Green Deal and the Future of Investment and Banking”, organized by VUZF

The Higher School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF) and the Laboratory for Scientific and Applied Research VUZF Lab, together with the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE), organized a round table on “The Green Deal and the Future of Investment and Banking”.

Mr. Boyko Atanasov, Chairman of the Financial Supervision Commission, opened the event. He personally congratulated the organizers and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Grigory Vazov, Rector of the VUZF, for initiating the professional and expert debate, which aims to discuss aspects and expected effects of the Green Deal with the banking and investment community in Bulgaria.

Mr. Atanasov said that “The Green Deal is a huge opportunity for our country, because it can be the catalyst we need to achieve accelerated economic growth and increase the economic level of business and important economic and social processes”. He also noted that on the one hand through the European Green Pact and through the Investment Plan for Sustainable Europe Bulgaria will receive large investments, and on the other hand, the Green Deal will provide stability and sustainability of processes in terms of competitiveness in Europe and nationwide, which will affect energy efficiency. It is through the Green Pact Investment Plan that a framework will be created to facilitate and stimulate public and private investment in the transition to an independent, environmentally friendly and competitive economy.

The FSC Chairman pointed out that “against the background of the turbulent times we live in – times of pandemics, economic crises and inflation, the financial community must be predictable and prepared for the challenges ahead and which we will face tomorrow.

Mr. Boyko Atanasov also sent a strong message to the participants in the debate that discussion and sharing of various expert points of view will outline the vision, strategies and specific goals for the future of the financial sector as a result of the Green Deal.

The Deputy Chairpersons of the FSC, heads of the Investment Supervision Department and the Insurance Supervision Department, were also special guests at the event. They joined the discussion with the representatives of the investment community on the challenges arising from the implementation of the new regulatory framework related to sustainable finance and the opportunities for creating and offering new financial products. Both Ms. Filipova and Mr. Savov noted that the direction of work is to further the awareness of market participants and investors so that they can review opportunities for sustainable investment. For this reason, the roles of issuers, including insurers in the process of transition to sustainable investment, as well as investment firms and management companies, which will provide the necessary information to their current and potential clients about the prospect of sustainable finance, are particularly important.

The representatives of the FSC expressed confidence that the joint efforts of business and the regulator will achieve the necessary balance between business activities, environmental protection and social aspects to ensure lasting added value for Bulgarian society.