The Chair of the Financial Supervision Commission – Boyko Atanasov launched the 20th anniversary edition of the educational program for students “The non-banking financial sector in Bulgaria”

On October 21, Mr. Boyko Atanasov – Chair of the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) opened the 20th edition of the educational program for students “The non-banking financial sector in Bulgaria”. The traditional initiative is organized in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) and the Atanas Burov Foundation. In the anniversary edition of the event, 22 students from vocational schools with an economic and financial profile from the cities of Blagoevgrad, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Varna, Kyustendil, Plovdiv, Sofia, Burgas, Stara Zagora, Veliko Tarnovo, Shumen, Gotse Delchev, Sliven, Smolyan will take part. , Montana, Silistra, Petrich, Kardzhali, Ruse, Varna, Yambol and Dryanovo.

The educational program is unique in Bulgaria. In its anniversary edition, it presents a balanced content between online-based presentations and virtual interactions, dedicated to the pension insurance, insurance and capital market, with speakers – FSC experts and business representatives.

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I am honored to launch the 20th anniversary edition of the program, the focus of which is to increase the financial literacy of society. The sustainability of the program, its 20-year history, speaks of consistency, of commitment and, above all, of our responsibility to the generation that grows and is educated in the challenging environment of digitization and innovation.” shared Mr. Atanasov.

During the training, students and their teachers will learn about the three-pillar model of pension insurance, the development of the insurance market in Bulgaria, the mechanisms for consumer protection, the types of insurance and insurance supervision. The capital market and stock exchange trading are also part of the program during which the topic of the digital field of safe investing is presented, as well as the ways in which investors are protected.

To make the content even richer and more comprehensive, in sync with the latest trends in the non-banking financial sector, in 2022, lectures on fintech business models, prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, the “green deal”, cyber security and cryptocurrencies and more.

I believe that the shared experience of the experts with whom you will work will help you to be more responsible for your finances, to be drivers of change, but above all with the awareness of financial culture, to have the confidence and courage to pursue your dreams you are.” said  Mr. Boyko Atanasov in his address to the participants.

The program continues until the middle of November, when all students will receive a certificate for their participation in the educational initiative.