Stoyan Mavrodiev met Bill Clinton and Wesley Clark in Vienna

The Chairman of the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission – Mr. Stoyan Mavrodiev visited the Second annual international forum organized by the Centre for Global Dialogue and Cooperation in Vienna, Austria. As the sole representative from a Bulgarian state institution who participated in the event, he held meetings with President Clinton, General Wesley Clark – Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO 1997-2000, and the governing body of the Qatar Investment Fund, headed by its President – Professor Al Meer. They discussed a number of opportunities to attract foreign investment in the country to generate revenue for the budget of Bulgaria of over 100 million euros, which could result in new jobs. Presentations and proposals were made during specifically organized meetings. Mr. Mavrodiev said: ”I will inform the Prime Minister Borisov about the identified ideas for investment opportunities in Bulgaria as I will personally deliver the messages”.

The Chairman of the FSC took part in the discussions together with the official panelists at the event – Vladimir Kavaric, Minister of Economy of Montenegro, Anatoly Karpov – First Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee for Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology, Giles Chichester – President of the European Energy Forum, and Dr. Claus Raidl – President of the Austrian Central Bank. The messages of the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe and of the Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo were outlined as well. The conference ended with the official award ceremony which was preceded by the keynote speech of Bill Clinton.