Resolutions Passed at a Session of the FSC Held on February 21, 2005

1. The Commission approved a prospectus for secondary public offering of a corporate bonds issue to the amount of EUR 1,000,000 (say: one million euro), allocated in one thousand (1,000) pieces of the following type: ordinary, registered, dematerialized, interest – bearing, fully transferable, secured corporate bonds, having a nominal and issue value of EUR 1,000 (say: one thousand euro) each, and original maturity of thirty-six (36) months, having floating interest rate to the amount of the six-month EURIBOR plus 5.5 % on an annual basis, and interest payments every six (6) months, issued by HypoCredit AD, Sofia.
The Commission entered HypoCredit AD as an issuer and the issue specified above into the Public Companies and Other Issuers of Securities Register.
2. The Commission issued a temporary prohibition on the publication of a tender offer submitted by Chimimport AD, Sofia, for the purchase of shares of Prospecting and Extraction of Crude Oil and Gas AD, Sofia, from the company’s other shareholders through the Investment Intermediary Real Finance AD, Varna.
3. The Commission approved amendments to the Articles of Association of BenchMark Fund Estates REIT. 
4. The Commission issued a licence to Elana High Yield Fund AD to perform the following activities as an open-end investment company: investment in securities of funds raised through public offering of shares where observing the risk allocation principle.
5. The Commission adopted at first reading a Draft Ordinance on Introducing Amendments to Ordinance No. 12 on the method and procedure for establishing the minimum yield when managing the assets of supplementary compulsory pension insurance funds in order to cover the difference up to the minimum yield and on formation and utilization of the reserves allocated to guarantee the minimum yield.
The draft shall be forwarded in order to be coordinated with the interested persons and organizations and shall be published on the Commission’s website.