Periodic reports and statements of insurance brokers

The package of reports, statements and appendices in connection with the submission to the Financial Supervision Commission of the periodic reports of the insurance brokers as of 30.06.2021, on the grounds of Art. 311, para. 3, item 2, in connection with para. 4 of the Insurance Code has been updated.

In connection with the above, the completion of the above reports and statements, and their submission through the electronic portal of the FSC, must begin after downloading the mandatory updated format (version 30.06.2021), published on the FSC website at:, section “Administrative documents”, subsection “Forms and templates”, “Insurance market”.


Attachments must meet the following conditions:

  • The main file containing the reference package according to Appendices 2.1-2.8 and 3.1-3.4 with basic information must be in .xls format (Microsoft Excel 2003);
  • The content of the main file with basic information must be filled in according to the templates approved by the Financial Supervision Commission, observing all rules for data validity (these rules are not part of this instruction and can be downloaded from the Financial Supervision Commission website) ;
  • The name of the main file with basic information must be formatted according to the rules set by the Financial Supervision Commission;
  • Appendix No. 1 shall be filled in according to the attached template contained in the reference package, the information must be in .xls format;
  • Files must be signed with a universal electronic signature in p7m or p7s format (PKCS # 7), and encryption should NOT be used when signing;
  • The signature on the files must belong to the same employee who logged in the system.