On the 6th and 7th of March 2012 a training for financial and economic literacy of students from 11th Grade of the Economic and Trade High Schools in Sofia was held

On the 6th and 7th of March 2012, the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC), jointly with the High School of Insurance and Finance (VUZF) and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, held a two-day training on “Financial and Economic Literacy” for students from the 11th Grade of the National Business and Finance School and the National Trade and Banking High School in Sofia. This is a new educational module developed by the three institutions to increase financial literacy of young people in Bulgaria.

Fulfilling one of its priorities by implementing an active educational policy to increase the financial competence of the general public, the FSC has developed several training modules for different social groups. One of the week-long training programs for students held annually enjoys strong public support, which is why FSC has also developed shorter training modules within one or two days.

The current two-day program, implemented jointly with the Center for Continuing and Vocational Training to VUZF and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, is a pilot project for students from Sofia, with the prospects of including young people from all over the country. The program was divided into two parts: a theoretical and a practical one. In the first part, lecturers from VUZF and FSC gave presentations about the functioning and the specificity of the capital, insurance and pension insurance markets and the role and functions of the FSC to the students.

During the second day, the students paid a visit to the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, where experts explained to them practical aspects of the functioning of the market and the pupils had the opportunity to observe stock trading in real-time.

Later on, the participants in the program visited the Insurance Company “Interamerican” and got acquainted with the specifics of the insurance business.

The training was attended by twenty students and four teachers who were extremely satisfied with the program and expressed their willingness to attend future training modules.