List of candidates admitted to the examination for professional qualification of insurance brokers, to be held on 27.11.2021.

After checking all submitted applications and accompanying documents, the Deputy Chairperson of the FSC, head of the Insurance Supervision Department, decided to admit the following candidates to the exam:

Reference number          Decision No.

РГ-14-159-1/15.10.2021               791-ЗБ/28.10.2021         admitted

РГ-14-160-1/19.10.2021               793-ЗБ/01.11.2021         admitted

РГ-14-161-1/20.10.2021               792-ЗБ/01.11.2021         admitted

РГ-14-162-1/01.11.2021               801-ЗБ/02.11.2021          admitted

РГ-14-163-1/01.11.2021               802-ЗБ/02.11.2021         admitted

РГ-14-164-1/02.11.2021               810-ЗБ/09.11.2021         admitted

РГ-14-165-1/04.11.2021               807-ЗБ/05.11.2021         admitted

The examination will be conducted in accordance with all adopted anti-epidemic measures. In connection with Order No. РД-01-856 of 19.10.2021, supplemented on 21.10.2021, of the Minister of Health (MH) and in particular with item 2 and item 31, the admitted candidates should meet the requirement to be vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 or have a negative test result, certified by valid documents for vaccination, recovery or testing within the meaning of Order No. РД-01-733 of 27.08.2021 of the Ministry of Health.