FSC participation in a conference “Bulgaria on the European FinTech Map” aimed at presenting the Annual Report of the Bulgarian FinTech Association

A conference entitled “Bulgaria on the European FinTech Map” presenting the Annual Report of the Bulgarian FinTech Association took place on 23 November 2021. The event was dedicated to the investments in the FinTech sector, as well as to the place our country occupies in both Europe and the world.
The audience became acquainted with the FinTech regulations in the non-banking financial sector by Ms. Neda Muzho acting in her capacity of Head of Department „Supervision of public companies, securities issuers and special purpose investment companies”. The lecturer stressed that the previous year marked by Covid-19 not just changed our perception of reality, but asserted new rules and provided strong incentive to the digital transformation in the non-banking financial sector. Ms. Muzho delineated the key issues in the FinTech area in the period 2021-2025, namely: establishing “strategic autonomy”, ensuring equal opportunities, strengthening supervision on EU level, competition and collision between digital policies. She drew the listeners’ attention to the strategic goals set in relation to the new business model:
  • Financial education;
  • Dialogue in the frame of establishing an ecosystem of relations in the period 2020-2030 which should deal with the subject “FinTech and providing opportunities aimed at fostering firm business models through intelligent regulations”;
  • Cyber security development.
Ms. Muzho completed her report by the following words:
” We are all gathered at the current conference because we took responsibility for the building of a new pillar, which is of main importance, and necessity for sustainable development. Perhaps this would be the most important role assumed by the Financial Supervision Commission, in order to provide long-term financial stability.
Ms. Muzho report is viewable here.
The entire report for 2021 of the Bulgarian FinTech Association is accessible here.