Decisions from a meeting of FSC on 23 March, 2011

At its meeting held on 23 March, 2011, FSC took the following decisions:

1. Entered an issue of shares, issued by Mekom AD, town of Silistra, issued as a result of increase in the capital of the company. The issue is at the amount of BGN 284 775, divided in  284 775 obligatorily convertible preference shares without right to vote, with 18% guaranteed dividend, having a par value of BGN 1 each.

2. Approved a prospectus for public offering of shares of Intercapital Property Development REIT, city of Sofia, at the amount of BGN 9 017 214, divided into 9 017 214 common shares with a par value of BGN 1 each and issue value of BGN 2.30 each. Entered the issue of shares (in process of issuing) in the FSC Register.

3. Halifax Consultancy EOOD, city of Burgas, notified FSC of its intention to carry out activity as an insurance broker. The company intends to pursue business under the freedom to provide services on the territory of Ireland and the United Kingdom. FSC will inform the relevant competent authorities of the host Member States about the intention of the insurance broker to pursue business on their territory.