At a session held on October 26, 2005, the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) adopted the following Resolutions:

1. The Commission approved a tender offer submitted by Radino AD, Sofia City, for the purchase of shares of Krameks JSC, Sofia City, from the company’s other shareholders through Financial House Ever Inc. Investment Intermediary, Sofia City. The price offered per one share is BGN 11.42.

2. The Commission issued a licence to Elana Fund Management Inc. Management Company to organise and manage Elana Balanced Eurofund Contractual Fund. The Commission approved a prospectus for public offering of the Fund’s units. The Fund and the unit issue have been entered into the FSC’s Public Registry.

3. The Commission issued an actuarial licence of pension assurance companies and of the supplementary pension insurance funds managed by these to Albena Mladenova Petrova.