A roundtable was held on the problems related to automobiles marking

Roundtable on topic: Marking with stickers in relation to Casco insurance – yes or no, took place on 7 February, 2011. The event was organized by the Association of Bulgarian Insurers under the aegis of the Ministry of Interior and the Financial Supervision Commission.
The event gathered representatives of the insurance companies, FSC, MoI, insurance experts, representatives of marking companies, brokers.
The discussion was opened by Borislav Bogoev, Deputy Chairman of FSC, in charge of Insurance Supervision Division, who emphasized the importance of the problems and the necessity reasoned presentations of the different viewpoints on the issue to be made.
The Minister of the Interior, Tsvetan Tsvetanov, was actively involved in the roundtable, defending the position that the stickers for the Motor Casco Insurance must be removed and that the passive marking must cease to be an element of the insurance. During the forum, it has become clear that within shortest time texts, complied with the discussion, will be prepared for legislative amendments on this matter, and they will be presented to the Parliament.