The Chair of the FSC participated in a round table organized by the UNWE

Right on the birthday of Prof. DrEconSc Mihail Dinev, December 15, a large round table was held – “The work of Prof. DEconSc Mihail Dinev and the future of control” in UNWE.. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Daniela Petrova, head of the Financial Control Department, launched the event by reminding that Prof. Dinev is the founder of the Financial Control Department at UNWE and has great merits for the development of financial control in the country

The Chair of FSC – Boyko Atanasov, was among the official participants in the event, among other professionals distinguished by their contribution to the development of control in Bulgarian institutions: Prof. Ognyan Simeonov, Chair of the Commission for Public Oversight of Statutory Auditors; Boris Mihaylov, Executive Director of the National Revenue Agency; Tsvetan Tsvetkov, Chair of the National Audit Office, Boyko Kostov, Chair of ICPA; Vesela Karaivanova, Deputy Governor of the National Insurance Institute; Prof. Dr. Grigoriy Vazov, president and rector emeritus of the Higher School of Insurance and Finance and many others.

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The round table began with acknowledgments to Prof. DrEconSc Mihail Dinev for his undeniable authority as a scientist and expert in his field. The participants in the event also shared memories full of respect for a person who marked the history of UNWE with his remarkable professional experience, brilliant ideas combined with energy, modern thinking and positive approach.

During the discussion dedicated to the new control environment, Mr. Atanasov shared that for him it is the result of the new economic reality. “When the environment changes, we must be keep up in taking control actions, we must be flexible, because our role is above all to protect the public interest. I see the control activity and the work in the Commission not in terms of hibernation, but rather in a proactive strategic position”, he addedThe Chair of the FSC pointed out the challenges facing the non-banking sector – alternative investment funds, financial innovations, the Green Deal and the European legislative framework for digitalization, as defining the equation of the new economic reality – they provide new horizons, but also bring new risks.

Mr. Atanasov also commented on the relationship between academia and practice, stating that “the symbiosis between theory and practice is a valuable way of thinking and acting. The new economic realities must predetermine the preparation of young people and provoke the need for new knowledge, and that is precisely why it is important that the cooperation between the FSC and UNWE is  based on a two-way sharing of practical experience by experts and the academic environment.”.

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Boyko Atanasov, Chair of the FSC, Tsvetan Tsvetkov – Chair of the National Audit Service, Prof. Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov, Rector of UNWE, Prof. Dr. Rumen Brusarski, Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Accounting, UNWE, Boyko Kostov – Chair of ICPA

The commemorative event ended with the presentation of honorary plaques by the Faculty of Finance and Accounting to: Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Chair of the National Audit Service and Boyko Kostov, Chair of the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants in Bulgaria.