UIC: 206066023

Correspondence address, telephone, fax, e-mail address, website:

Adress: Sofia “Tsarigradsko shoes” № 111;

e-mail: lachezar.venkov@myfin.bg

Representing the legal entities: Lachezar Venkov Venkov – executive director

Date of incorporation and capital of legal entities – tied agents: 25.03.2020  capital – BGN 2,000,000

№ of Decision: Decision No. 832 – OA of 08.11.2022 of FSC

An investment firm with whom a contract has been concluded under Art. 34 of the Markets in Financial Instruments Act (MFIA): First Investment Bank AD

The types of investment services and activities performed on behalf of the investment firm: According to Art. 33, para. 1, items 1-3 of the MFIA

The names of the natural persons who provide investment services at a tied agent – legal entity: 

  • Asen Stoychev Stoychev