The main objective of the Financial Markets Committee (FMC, the Committee) is to promote efficient, open, stable financial systems based on high levels of transparency, trust and integrity, so as to contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth.

The FMC promotes the collection of internationally comparable financial statistics, and among the Committee’s goals are the achievement of effective financial education and consumer protection, as well as providing the opportunity to access financial services and quickly and easily deal with risks.

The FMC monitors and analyzes financial developments and their impact on economic growth and stability, systematically collects information and statistics, and develops guidelines, including mechanisms to facilitate their proper implementation.

The FMC promotes mutually beneficial cooperative activities with non-member countries, while also providing assistance in the implementation of best principles and practices.

In 2023, a fact-finding mission was held in Sofia on the consumer protection topic, and in the same year, another fact-finding mission of the FMC was held for the review of the Bulgarian financial system. The missions were held at the Ministry of Finance and included meetings with representatives of the Financial Supervision Commission. At a regular meeting of the FMC in Paris in 2023, Bulgaria was invited to present the country’s financial system, with representatives of the Bulgarian supervisory authority among the delegates. At a meeting of the FMC in 2024, a second presentation on the review of Bulgaria’s acceptance by this Committee is to be made.

The legal instruments falling under the competences of the FMC, which are in force at the moment, are five in number and can be found on the official website of the OECD at the following link: