How should a consumer act in a dispute with a trader / financial service provider

– In case of a dispute, the consumer should first take it to the trader for consideration and the parties should try to resolve the dispute between them.

– Where the parties have not resolved the dispute between them, the consumer may refer to the respective sectoral conciliation committee depending on the subject matter of the dispute.

– The referral is done by applying in writing to the Consumer Protection Commission, which administers the activities of the sectoral conciliation committees.

– The application and the accompanying documents can also be submitted by e-mail or online via the website of the Consumer Protection Commission.

– Conciliation proceedings are held in absentia for the parties to the dispute and the exchange of documents can take place both online and on site at the Records office of the Consumer Protection Commission and its territorial offices, by post or fax (offline).

– In cross-border disputes, the application is submitted through the online dispute resolution platform, available through the Consumer Protection Commission’s website.