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Educational initiatives


One of the strategic goals of the Financial Supervision Commission is the enhancement of the public confidence in the use of financial products and services by heightening the general awareness of them and by ensuring protection of consumers of such services. A step forward towards achieving transparency and level playing field in the market, and hence consumer protection, is the provision of access to current information about the non-banking financial sector and the market participants. On the other side, the increase of public knowledge in the field of the financial market is of preventive nature in regard to the protection of the interests of the non-bank financial services consumers. For the purpose, the Commission has developed long-term educational programmes, targeted at various professional and age groups of the general public and tailored to their specific needs.


Traditionally, FSC conducts educational programme The Non-banking Financial Sector in Bulgaria, oriented to students from the economic schools all over the country, aiming to enrich the knowledge and rouse the interest of the young people in the field of finance.

The educational initiatives are also oriented to groups with significant influence over the general public, such as teachers and journalists, as well as to professional communities, whose activities concern FSC, such as representatives of the judiciary, officials in the system of the Ministry of Interior, etc. These initiatives contribute significantly for the good cooperation between FSC and the respective professional communities.