Public offering of ICO

The Initial Coin Offering by companies enjoys enormous popularity worldwide being an alternative way to raise capital, or as an investment opportunity for financial market investors.

In spite of the fact that the crypto assets and the technology they are based on comply with the principle of decentralization of information circulating in the net, at which they provide security, irreversibility and diffusiveness of the transactions executed, they may also lead to increasing the risk of frauds and manipulations, due to the lack of regulation of the markets on which they are traded. 

The FSC provides the following information in order to improve the state of knowledge and to enhance the financial awareness of users of non-banking financial services:

Basic concepts related to the initial public coin offerings 

What are ICOs?

Risks arising from investments in ICOs

ICO regulation

Robo advice

Investment advice to clients or potential clients regarding transactions in financial instruments or services is provided in person by tied agents or investment intermediaries (IIs). With the development of digital technologies, a niche has opened in offering robo advice through online platforms based on artificial intelligence. The automation of the process of providing investment advice implies lack of human intervention, and the service providers operate on the basis of computer-based algorithms. The Financial Supervision Commission aims to protect the interests of consumers by establishing practices that mitigate the risks posed by the technology used, but by encouraging its use in view of the benefits and potential of automating the advisory process.