Educational initiatives

One of the strategic goals of the Financial Supervision Commission is to enhance public confidence in the use of financial products and services by increasing its overall awareness and by ensuring the protection of consumers of such services.

A step towards achieving transparency and equal treatment on the market, and hence consumer protection, is to provide access to up-to-dated information regarding the non-banking financial sector and market participants. On the other hand, enhancing public knowledge in the financial market field is precautionary in terms of protection of the consumers interests of  non-banking financial services. To this end, the Commission has developed long-term educational programs aimed at different professional and age groups of society in accordance to their specific needs.

Traditionally, the FSC conducts the educational program “Non-banking financial sector in Bulgaria”, aimed at scholars from economic schools across the country, with the intention to improve the knowledge and provoke the young people interest in the financial field.

The educational initiatives are also aimed at groups with significant public influence on the general public, such as teachers and journalists, as well as professional communities with activities concerning the FSC, such as representatives of the judiciary, employees of the Ministry of Interior and others. These initiatives significantly contribute to the good cooperation between the FSC and the relevant professional communities.