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Iliana Hristova
Deputy Chair in charge of the Insurance Supervision Division in the Financial Supervision Commission

Iliana Hristova
In the presented plan for development of the Insurance Supervision Division Mrs. Iliana Hristova declared that the goal to be pursued in the insurance supervision area “must be providing security for the consumers of insurance services and public trust in the state surveillance”. In order to achieve these results, Mrs. Iliana Hristova intends to apply a method which will secure firm and stable supervisory sector, namely through control, communication, crisis prevention and digitalization.

 “The road we shall follow is aimed at developing customer-oriented approach in the insurance area, whereupon the main focus shall be set on the visibility of the new ideas, the knowledge of the action trends and the opportunities of rapid and mutual communication, as regards main issues of public importance”, Mrs. Iliana Hristova stressed.

The occupational career of Mrs. Hristova during the last twenty-three years has been built up in the National Revenue Agency where she subsequently occupied several leading positions. In 2013 she has been appointed in the managing body of the main territorial directorate of the National Revenue Agency, namely the one in Sofia.

Mrs. Hristova has completed her higher education in the Economy and Organization of Labour Faculty at the University of National and World Economy.

While performing leading functions, the territorial directorate of the National Revenue Agency in Sofia fully complied with the plans of the authority for build-up a contemporary administration offering digital services to the public. Over the years in which Iliana Hristova occupied the position of director, the territorial directorate of the National Revenue Agency in Sofia achieved and even exceeded the set goals for collecting revenues and secured high-quality services for the customers gaining in such way recognition and public trust in the administration. Her management is focused on people, as well as on the motivation, the development, and the build-up convincement amongst the employees as being integral part of the institution.

Iliana Hristova has proven herself to be a leader possessing strategic and innovative thinking skills.

The fundamentals of her job are stability, risk management, prevention and enhancement the level of awareness. She believes that it is necessary to establish consistency in the processes, as well as responsibility and effectiveness, in order to achieve steady and lasting results based on public transparency and compliant with the legislation in force.