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Maria Filipova
Deputy Chair of the Financial Supervision Commission in charge of the Supervision of the Investment Activities Division

Maria Filipova
The vision of Ms. Maria Filipova for the Supervision of the Investment Activities Division is in the direction of developing the capital market by increasing its liquidity, providing the opportunity to finance new companies through it, accelerating the growth of the economy in the medium term and improving the image of Bulgaria on the international map of regulators in the non-banking financial sector, as well as the better positioning of Bulgaria on the "investment map of Europe". The concept of Ms. Filipova has three main areas of development in relation to the above-mentioned cases and their importance for the capital market in Bulgaria, namely: regulatory activity and control, reduction of the administrative burden of the participants on the capital markets through measures for optimization of the processes and digitization of services, as well as international cooperation and exchange of good practices with the aim of international positioning of Bulgaria to attract new investors and work of teams on European programs for the development of capital markets in the EU.

Ms. Filipova has declared her willingness to work “actively and consistently for the continuous improvement of the regulatory and supervisory activity of FSC, responding to the challenges in the investment sector, in defense of the interests of the consumers of non-banking financial services. I hereby declare that the Financial Supervision Commission should continue to take active regulatory actions, to carry out effective risk-based supervision of the non-banking financial sector in order to ensure stable financial markets.”

Maria Filipova has a Master degree in “Law” of the University of National and World Economy in Sofia and also many postgraduate qualifications and specializations in the field of banking and finance.

Maria Filipova has more than 10 years of experience in the legal field, a precondition of having extensive knowledge and experience in analyzing, researching and undertaking activities on newly adopted regulations, optimizing existing laws and improving administrative procedures.
She has developed her professional expertise in various organizations such as the State Commission on Gambling, the Registry Agency, the Privatization and Post-Privatization Control Agency, and others. She has also worked at the Ministry of Justice where she was part of the team that prepared the draft of a new Penal Code. In the Legal Department of the Ministry of Finance she participated in the preparation of opinions on legal issues in the field of public finances, drafting budgetary related acts. In the year before her appointment as a Deputy Chair of the Financial Supervision Commission, Supervision of the Investment Activities Division, Ms. Filipova is a Chair of the State Commission on Gambling, which carries out state supervision of gambling. During her work in this authority, Maria Filipova exercised control over the overall activity, managed, coordinated and controlled the performance of the functions of the administration.