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Mr Boyko Atanasov – Chair of the Financial Supervision Commission

baBoyko Atanasov was elected Chair of the Financial Supervision Commission by the 44th National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria on 15th of March 2019 with a mandate until 28th of July 2022.

Boyko Atanasov has more than 20 years of professional experience within the revenue administration system in Bulgaria.

He graduated the Economic University of Sofia, with a background in Planning and Forecasting of Economic Systems. He was subsequently a tax inspector, then a head of unit at the General Tax Administration Unit at the Ministry of Finance. He held the positions of Deputy Territorial Tax Director and Deputy Director, as well as Director of Territorial Directorate Sofia at the National Revenue Agency (NRA). He became Deputy Executive Director at NRA in 2009. From 2013 until 2017 he was Executive Director of the National Revenue Agency. During this period Mr. Atanasov actively facilitated the process of improving the administrative services of the National Revenue Agency, he developed the Agency in the direction of integration of the e-government. Under his management the NRA became one of the leading revenue administrations in Europe. He managed to turn the NRA into an administration with over 80% of e-services and introduced the Personal Identification Code to make tax payments easier for the end user. During that period, the NRA achieved the strongest revenue collection performance with an annual increase of more than 11% in several consecutive years. One of the significant achievements during this period was also 80% voluntary fulfillment of the obligations in Bulgaria. As a result, the NRA has been identified by the Bulgarian Industrial Association as the administration with the highest rating of confidence in Bulgaria. During his leadership from a bureaucratic structure, the NRA has been transformed into an effective, business-oriented organisation.
From May to October 2017, Mr. Atanasov was a Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Finance in charge of the coordination of the activities of the Tax Policy Directorate.
On 11th of October 2017 he was elected by the National Assembly as Deputy Chair of the Financial Supervision Commission in charge of the Investment Activities Supervision Division.